August 26-28, 2020
Maison Glad, Jeju, Korea

Accepted Papers


WISA 2020 Accepted Papers for WISA 2020 Main Session


Entropy-based Feature Grouping in Machine Learning for Android Malware Classification

Hyunseok Shim and Souhwan Jung.

Identity-based Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption in Standard Model: A Lattice-based Construction

Priyanka Dutta, Willy Susilo, Dung Hoang Duong, Joonsang Baek and Partha Sarathi Roy.


Paid And Anonymous Usage Of Cloud Software

Kun Peng.


Compact Implementation of CHAM Block Cipher on Low-End Microcontrollers

Hyeokdong Kwon, Hyunji Kim, Seung Ju Choi, Kyoungbae Jang, Jaehoon Park, Hyunjun Kim and Hwajeong Seo.


Detecting Block Cipher Encryption for Defense against Crypto Ransomware on Low-end Internet of Things

Hyunji Kim, Jaehoon Park, Hyeokdong Kwon, Kyoungbae Jang, Seungju Choi and Hwajeong Seo.


Impact of Optimized Operations $A\cdot B$, $A\cdot C$ for Binary Field Inversion on Quantum Computers

Kyoungbae Jang, Seung Ju Choi, Hyeokdong Kwon, Zhi Hu and Hwajeong Seo.


Insights into Attacks' Progression: Prediction of Spatio-Temporal Behavior of DDoS Attacks

Ahmed Abusnaina, Mohammed Abuhamad, Daehun Nyang, Songqing Chen, An Wang and David Mohaisen.


Novel Reversible Acoustic Steganography Based on Carrier Orthogonality

Hung-Jr Shiu, Fang-Yie Leu, Chun-Ming Lai and Yu-Chun Huang.


Efficient algorithm for computing odd-degree isogenies on Montgomery curves

Kenta Kodera, Chen-Mou Cheng and Atsuko Miyaji.


Revisiting the Minrank Problem on Multivariate Cryptography

Yacheng Wang, Yasuhiko Ikematsu, Shuhei Nakamura and Tsuyoshi Takagi.


On the Cost-Effectiveness of TrustZone Defense on ARM Platform

Naiwei Liu, Meng Yu, Wanyu Zang and Ravi Sandhu.


Detection on GPS spoofing in location based mobile games

Shing Ki Wong and Siu Ming Yiu.


Accessibility Service Utilization Rates in Android Applications Shared on Twitter

Shuichi Ichioka, Estelle Pouget, Takao Mimura, Jun Nakajima and Toshihiro Yamauchi.


Security Problems of 5G Voice Communication

Seongmin Park, Hyungjin Cho, Youngkwon Park, Bomin Park, Dowon Kim and Kangbin Yim.

Optimization of PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256 and PBKDF2-HMAC-LSH256 in CPU Environments

Hojin Choi and Seog Chung Seo.


An Efficient Implementation of AES on 8-bit AVR-based Sensor Nodes

Youngbeom Kim and Seog Chung Seo.


Push For More: On Comparison of Data Augmentation and SMOTE With Optimised Deep Learning Architecture For Side-Channel

Yoo-Seung Won, Dirmanto Jap and Shivam Bhasin.


Unsupervised Intrusion Detection System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Less labeling Effort

Kyung Ho Park, Eunji Park and Huy Kang Kim.


Toward a Fine-Grained Evaluation of the Pwnable CTF: Extracting Common Assessment Points

Sungkyung Kim, Euntae Jang and Ki-Woong Park.


Methods to Select Features for Android Malware Detection Based on the Protection Level Analysis

Chaeeun Lee, Eunnarae Ko and Kyungho Lee.


Virtualization Technologies in the Android Framework and Compatibility with SEAndroid

Jaehyeon Yoon, Tu Chau Ngoc, Hoang Nguyen Huy and Souhwan Jung.


The Gravy Value: A Set of Features for Pinpointing BOT Detection Method

Semi Park and Kyungho Lee.


DLDDO: Deep Learning to Detect Dummy Operations

Jonghyeok Lee and Dong-Guk Han.


Analysis on Malicious Residential Hosts Activities Exploited by Residential IP Proxy Services

Akihiro Hanzawa and Hiroaki Kikuchi.


Spatially Localized Perturbation GAN (SLP-GAN) for Generating Invisible Adversarial Patches

Yongsu Kim, Hyoeun Kang, Afifatul Mukaroh, Naufal Suryanto, Harashta Tatimma Larasati and Howon Kim.


The Proposal of Risk Informed Cyber Security Assessment Methodology in Nuclear Power Plant

Ieck-Chae Euom and Sangjoon Lee.


3-Party Adversarial Steganography

Ishak Meraouche, Sabyasachi Dutta and Kouichi Sakurai.


Filtering-based Correlation Power Analysis (CPA) with signal envelopes against shuffling methods

Youngbae Jeon and Ji Won Yoon.


A Statistical Approach Towards Fraud Detection in the Horse Racing

Moohong Min, Jemin Lee, Hyunbeom Park, Hyojoung Shin and Kyungho Lee.


CAPTCHAs Are Still in Danger: An Efficient Scheme to Bypass Adversarial CAPTCHAs

Dongbin Na, Namgyu Park, Sangwoo Ji and Jong Kim.




WISA 2020 Accepted Papers for WISA 2020 Poster Session


Poster: Black-box Attacks by Retraining Substitute Model using Adversarial Training

Gwonsang Ryu, Hosung Park and Daeseon Choi.


Poster: Ensuring Safety of Medical Cyber Physical Systems Through Misbehavior Detection of Integrated Medical Embedded IoT Devices - A Case Study of Patient-Controlled Analgesia Device

Philip Virgil Astillo, Gaurav Choudhary, Jiyoon Kim, Hoonyong Park, Ilsun You and Ing-Ray Chen.


Poster: Comparison of Federated learning and Original learning using Numeric data

Jinhyeok Jang and Daeseon Choi.


Poster: Research on cyber threat intelligence sharing model utilizing cloud computing in a smart city

Hoonyong Park, Jaejun Heo, Bonam Kim and Ilsun You.


Poster: Acceleration of Pairing Product Operation Using Precomputation

Seong-Yun Jeon and Mun-Kyu Lee.


Poster: Ternary Encoding Algorithm for Integer Comparison using Multiple Inner Products

Turabek Gaybullaev and Mun-Kyu Lee.


Poster: Compactly Committing Authenticated Encryption Based on Lesamnta-LW

Shoichi Hirose.


Poster: Building Novel CNN-Based Intrusion Detection System

Wooyeon Jo, Sungjin Kim and Taeshik Shon.


Poster: Analysis of SMB Protocol Vulnerability - Will there be a second WannaCry crisis? -

Woosung Yun, Yeseong Hwang, Jieon Kim, Jaeyeon Lee, Sukdea Yu and Sangjin Lee.


Poster: Pilot Evaluation of BlindLoginV2 Graphical Password System for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Yean Li Ho, Michael Teck Hong Gan, Siong Hoe Lau and Afizan Azman.


Poster: Risk Assesment of "Ostrich ZIP"

Michihiro Nakayama and Akira Kanaoka.


Poster: Proposal of a Data Sharing Framework for Implementing a Fully Decentralized Data Sharing Society

Siwan Noh and Kyung-Hyune Rhee.


Poster: Linkability Concerns of Smart Contracts within Federated Learning Schemes

Sandi Rahmadika and Kyung-Hyune Rhee.


Poster: Implementation of Data Sharing Model for the Connected Car based on Hyperledger Fabric

Byeong-Gyu Jeong, Kangwoo Cho and Sang Uk Shin.


Poster: On Blockchain Enhanced Secure Data Storage and Sharing in Vehicular Edge Computing Networks

Muhammad Firdaus and Kyung-Hyune Rhee.


Poster: Dynamic Mobile App Unpacking Based on Bytecode Instrumentation

Geochang Jeon, Sunjun Lee and Jeong Hyun Yi.


Poster: Deep Mobile Malware Detection and Classification Based on Supervised CNN

Younghun Ban, Eunbyeol Ko, Jinsung Kim and Jeong Hyun Yi.


Poster: Random Word Error-based Improved Differential Fault Attack on LEA

Seong-Hyuck Lim, Jong-Hyeok Lee and Dong-Guk Han.


Poster: Design of Machine Learning based Side Channel Attack Models for Effective Non-Profiling Analysis

Han-Seop Lim, Bo-Yeon Sim, Jaeseung Han, Ju-Hwan Kim and Dong-Guk Han.


Poster: TVLA Statistics Test for SEED Hardware Implementation

Jaegeun Moon, Tae-Ho Lee, Yoo-Jin Baek and Dong-Guk Han.


Poster: Novel Single-Trace ML profiling Attack on NIST Round 2 Candidate Masked qTESLA Digital Signature Algorithm

Il-Ju Kim, Bo-yeon Sim, Taeho Lee, Jaeseung Han and Dong-Guk Han.


Poster: ML Profiling Attack with traces collected from other boards and cards

Taeho Lee, Seong-Hyuck Lim, Jaeseung Han and Dong-Guk Han.


Poster: Efficient Method of CPA on Bitslice Block Ciphers

Jaeseung Han, Yeon-Jae Kim, Soo-jin Kim, Bo-Yeon Sim and Dong-Guk Han.


Poster: A Design of a Blockchain-based Auction Service for Understanding Performance Characteristics

Minsun Shim, Hyesong Kim, Hayoung You, Jiyoung Lee and Hyung-Jong Kim.


Poster: Novel Differential Fault Attack Utilizing Multiple Fault Injection

Han-Byeol Park, Han-Seop Lim, Jong-Hyeok Lee and Dong-Guk Han.


Poster: Faster ECC Scalar Multiplication on FPGA

Asep Muhamad Awaludin, Jonguk Park and Howon Kim.


Poster: Blockchain Service Model Framework for Fake News Prevention

Lee Won Park and Hangbae Chang.


Poster: Novel Single-Trace Attack on Countermeasures against Instruction-related Timing Attack - NIST 2-Round LAC and HQC -

Bo-Yeon Sim and Dong-Guk Han.


Poster: Proposal for User Authentication Method using FIDO based Password Management

Hyunjin Kim, Seongmin Yoo, Jaecheol Ryou and Seokjin Choi.


Poster: Method of Generating a Blacklist for Mobile Devices by Searching Malicious Websites

Takashi Ishihara, Masaya Sato and Toshihiro Yamauchi.


Poster: Parallel De-concealment of SUCI using GPU for 5G Multi-Access

Chan-Guk Jang, Juhong Han and Okyeon Yi.


Poster: Study on Method to Evaluate Impact of Security Configuration Scanning Tool on PLC

Hansaem Wi, Jinhyeok Oh, Juhong Han, Chan-Guk Jang, Yeop Chang, Okyeon Yi.


Poster: Comparative Analysis of Security Vulnerability Response Policy and the Role of the Government

Ji-Hun Lim, Sang-Pil Yoon and Hun-Yeong Kwon.


Poster: Anomaly Detection using Interpretable Probabilistic K Nearest Neighbor Classification

Hyeonjun Ju and Jiwon Yoon.


Poster: Identification of device motion status via Bluetooth discovery

Shing Ki Wong and Siu Ming Yiu.


Poster: HAL based resource manipulation monitoring on AOSP

Thien Phuc Doan and Souhwan Jung.


Poster: StreamingHyp Streaming Data in Lightweight Hypervisor Environment

Hoang Nguyen Huy and Souhwan Jung.


Poster: AdMat: From Malware Detection To Image Classification

Long Nguyen-Vu and Souhwan Jung.


Poster: The Impact of Almost Identical Techniques On Android Security

Ngoc-Tu Chau and Souhwan Jung.


Poster: S-DEB : Self-Destructible Electronic Bracelets for personal information protection in Quarantine Monitoring System

Sung-Kyu Ahn, Hyelim Jung, Sung-Kyung Kim and Ki-Woong Park.