August 24-26, 2022
MAISON GLAD, Jeju Island, Korea

Accepted Papers


Enriching Vulnerability Reports Through Automated and Augmented Description Summarization

Hattan Althebeiti and David Mohaisen.


Influence through Cyber Capacity Building: Network Analysis of Assistance, Cooperation, and Agreements among ASEAN Plus Three Countries

Yu-kyung Kim, Myong-Hyun Go and Kyungho Lee.


vkTracer: Vulnerable Kernel Code Tracing to Generate Profile of Kernel Vulnerability

Hiroki Kuzuno and Toshihiro Yamauchi.


An Effective Approach for Stepping-Stone Intrusion Detection Using Packet Crossover

Lixin Wang, Jianhua Yang and Austin Lee.


Time-Optimal Design of Finite Field Arithmetic for SIKE on Cortex-M4

Mila Anastasova, Reza Azarderakhsh and Mehran Mozaffari Kermani.


Towards Evaluating the Security of Human Computable Passwords using Neural Networks

Issei Murata, Pengju He, Yujie Gu and Kouichi Sakurai.


Membership Privacy for Asynchronous Group Messaging

Keita Emura, Kaisei Kajita, Ryo Nojima, Kazuto Ogawa and Go Ohtake.


Optimized Implementation of Quantum Binary Field Multiplication with Toffoli Depth One

Kyoungbae Jang, Kim Wonwoong, Sejin Lim, Yeajun Kang, Yu-Jin Yang and Hwajeong Seo.


Grover on SPARKLE

Yu-Jin Yang, Kyoungbae Jang, Gyeongju Song, Hyunji Kim and Hwajeong Seo.


On the use of radical isogenies for quantum-resistant CSIDH implementation

Donghoe Heo, Suhri Kim and Seokhie Hong.


Recovering Yaw Rate from Signal Injection Attack to Protect RV's Direction

Hyunsu Cho, Sunwoo Lee, Wonsuk Choi and Dong Hoon Lee.


ARMing-sword: Scabbard on ARM

Hyeokdong Kwon, Hyunjun Kim, Minjoo Sim, Siwoo Eum, Minwoo Lee, Wai-Kong Lee and Hwajeong Seo.


Collision-Resistant and Pseudorandom Hash Function Using Tweakable Block Cipher

Shoichi Hirose.


Provably Secure Password-authenticated Key Exchange Based on SIDH

Theo Fanuela Prabowo and Chik How Tan.


Dazzle-attack: Anti-Forensic Server-side Attack via Fail-free Dynamic State Machine

Bora Lee, Kyungchan Lim, JiHo Lee, Chijung Jung, Doowon Kim, Kyu Hyung Lee, Haehyun Cho and Yonghwi Kwon.


Quality-of-Service degradation in distributed instrumentation systems through poisoning of 5G beamforming algorithms

Borja Bordel Sánchez, Ramón Alcarria, Joaquin Chung, Rajkumar Kettimuthu, Tomás Robles and Iván Armuelles.


Chameleon DNN Watermarking: Dynamically Public Model Ownership Verification

Wei Li, Xiaoyu Zhang, Shen Lin, Xinbo Ban and Xiaofeng Chen.


Illegal Photo Shoot Detection Method Using Operating Frequency of Smartphone Camera

Seong-Hyun An, Ji-Woo Lee and Dong-Guk Han.


Group Signatures with Designated Traceability over Openers' Attributes in Bilinear Groups

Hiroaki Anada, Masayuki Fukumitsu and Shingo Hasegawa.


A Joint Framework to Privacy-Preserving Edge Intelligence in Vehicular Networks

Muhammad Firdaus and Kyung-Hyune Rhee.


A Watermarking Scheme for Attribute-Based Encryptions: Secret Marking, Public Extraction and Collusion Resistance

Yanmin Zhao, Siu Ming Yiu and Yu Liu.


5G-AKA, Revisited

Seonghan Shin.


Analysis of Radioactive Decay Based Entropy Generator in the IoT Environments

Taewan Kim, Seyoon Lee, Seunghwan Yun, Jongbum Kim and Okyeon Yi.


Markov Decision Process For Automatic Cyber Defense

Xiaofan Zhou, Simon Enoch and Dan Dongseong Kim.


Study on Feature Engineering for Performance Improvement of ML-based TTP-ID Automated Extraction

Heejeong Kim and Hwankuk Kim.


TLS Goes Low Cost: When TLS Meets Edge

Intae Kim, Willy Susilo, Joonsang Baek, Jongkil Kim and Yang-Wai Chow.


A Survey on Sensor False Data Injection Attacks and Countermeasures in Cyber-physical and Embedded Systems

Jinhong Choi and Yeongjin Jang.


A novel metric for password security risk against dictionary attacks

Binh Le Thanh Thai and Hidema Tanaka.


On Membership Inference Attacks to Generative Language Models across Language Domains

Myung Gyo Oh, Leo Hyun Park, Jaeuk Kim, Jaewoo Park and Taekyoung Kwon.


Software-Defined Network based Secure Internet-Enabled Video Surveillance System

Mathew Del Castillo, Harvey Hermosa, Philip Virgil Astillo, Gaurav Choudhary and Nicola Dragoni.