August 24-26, 2022
MAISON GLAD, Jeju Island, Korea

Accepted Posters


[Poster] Privacy-Preserving Network Monitoring for Blockchain

Mintae Kim, Hocheol Nam, Hobin Kim, Wonhoi Kim, Jaehyun Ha and Min Suk Kang.


[Poster] A Qualitative Comparison of Rust-Based SGX Frameworks

Heekyung Shin, Jiwon Ock, Hyeon No, Jiwoo Kang and Seongmin Kim.


[Poster] SEEM: A Method for Training Sequentially Enhanced Ensemble Models for Intrusion Detection

Yuna Han and Hangbae Chang.


[Poster] Decentralized fair data trading with random arbitrator node

Mi Hyeon Jeon and Sang Uk Shin.


[Poster] Analysis of Security Cost for Adapting Industrial Technology Leakage Prevention Solutions

Yeseul Kil, Eunyoung Lee and Ilgu Lee.


[Poster] MUD for Infusion Pumps: An Attempt to Reduce Network-based Attacks

Daniel Gerbi Duguma, Gunwoo Kim, Bonam Kim and Ilsun You.


[Poster] Revision of the National Advanced Strategic Industries Law through Isomorphism Theory

Jeon Gahye, Shin Nayeon, Kim Minjeong and Lee Ilgu.


[Poster] A Study on Detecting Peel Chain Transactions Based on Heuristic

Keun-Woo Bae, Yong-hee Shin, Dae-il Jang and Seung-goo Ji.


[Poster] Attention Based Embedding Neural Network for Reverse Engineering

Sami Ullah, Wenhui Jin, Ye Eun Kim, Yuguang Jin and Heekuck Oh.


[Poster] Cryptocurrency Investigation Design for Tracking Industrial Leakage by Ransomware on Darknet

Youngjae Kong and Hangbae Chang.


[Poster] Adaptive Cryptography for Lightweight and Low-cost IoT Devices

Yu-ran Jeon, Jung-Hwa Ryu, Jung-Hyun Moon, Ye-Sol Oh and Il-Gu Lee.


[Poster] RF Fingerprinting Method for Passive Key Entry System Authentication using MFCC features

Hyeon Park, Soohyun Kim, Jaeyong Lee, Kyungho Park and Taeguen Kim.


[Poster] Efficient parallel implementation methods of LSH-512 utilizing SIMD AVX-512

HoJin Choi and Seogchung Seo.


[Poster] Network Traffic Aware Memory Attestation for Low Power Internet of Things

Na-Eun Park, Tae-Rim Park, Hye-Yeon Shim, Yeon-Ji Lee and Il-Gu Lee.


[Poster] Whitelist Security Application and Analysis in Healthcare Systems

Binna Kim and Sangji Park.


[Poster] On the Claims of Weak Block Synchronization in Bitcoin

Seungjin Baek, Hocheol Nam, Yongwoo Oh, Muoi Tran and Min Suk Kang.


[Poster] Exploring FaaS platforms' charging method from the perspective of Kubernetes HPA to avoid burst attacks

Sara Hong, Yeeun Kim and Seongmin Kim.


[Poster] Design of KEM-DEM on 6G Telecommunication for Quantum Computer

Seyoon Lee, Taewan Kim, Changuk Jang and Okyeon Yi.


[Poster] Metamorphic Testing on NIST LWC Finalists

Yongryeol Choi, Young Beom Kim and Seog Chung Seo.


[Poster] Decentralized SSO Authentication System with Identity Provider

Etienne Igugu Tshisekedi, Cho Nwe Zin Latt, Mariz Aguilar and Kyung-Hyune Rhee.


[Poster] Performance evaluation of SMC in Fully Decentralized Network

Soyoung Joo and Il-Gu Lee.


[Poster] An Analysis on the Feasibility of Cost-Effective Sandbox Using Open Source Intrusion Detection System

So-Yeon Kim, Jin-Min Lee, So-Hui Kim and Il-Gu Lee.


[Poster] Deep learning-based Profiled Side-Channel Analysis Using Unsupervised Domain Adaptation on Different-Device

Jieun Woo and Dong-Guk Han.


[Poster] Differential Fault Attack on AES using Three-byte Fault Ciphertext

Jae-Won Huh and Dong-Guk Han.


[Poster] Transformer-based network Intrusion Detection

Inseo Park.


[Poster] A Study on the Improvement of OCR Performance for the Detection of Personal Information in Images

Chanyoung Kwon, Yeongdon Kim and Binna Kim.


[Poster] BPFenforcer: An eBPF based Security Policy Enforcement System for Containerized Environment

Songi Gwak, Thien-Phuc Doan and Souhwan Jung.


[Poster] Study of Intelligent Cyber Range Simulation using Reinforcement Learning

Junghyun Kim, Bumsok Kim and Min-Suk Kim.


[Poster] Study of Technology for Anomaly Detection in Secure Edge System via Video Surveillance

Jae-Hyeok Jeong and Min-Suk Kim.


[Poster] Performance evaluation of open source-based intrusion detection for advanced cyberattacks jointly utilizing ransomware and trojans

Yurim Lee, Soeun Jeon, Sunjin Lee and Ilgu Lee.


[Poster] A Study on TTP analysis method of similar attack groups using MITRE ATT&CK framework

Chan-Woong Hwang and Woong Go.


[Poster] MFT : Metamorphic Fuzz Testing for Efficient Correctness Validation of Cryptographic Implementations

HyungJoon Yoon, YoungBeom Kim, Yongryeol Choi and Seog Chung Seo.


[Poster] Efficient Remote Identification for Drone Swarms

Jun-Woo Kwon, Kang-Moon Seo, Soojin Lee, Jane Kim and Seung-Hyun Seo.


[Poster] Automotive Cyber Security for Data Storage of Autonomous Vehicles

Insup Kim, Ganggyu Lee and Wonsuk Choi.


[Poster] On Privacy Risks of Watching YouTube over Cellular Networks with Carrier Aggregation

Nitya Lakshmanan, Abdelhak Bentaleb, Byoungjun Choi, Roger Zimmermann, Jun Han and Min Suk Kang.


[Poster] A Blockchain-based Dataset Distribution Protocol for a Trustworthy AI Collaboration Framework

Siwan Noh, Sung-Won Kang, Zhuohao Qian and Kyung-Hyune Rhee.


[Poster] Exploratory research on digital forensic laboratory tools and equipment: Focused on focus group interviews

Su-Min Shin, Hyeon-Min Park and Gi-Bum Kim.


[Poster] Deep learning based Scheme for Developing Secure Systems in CCTV using Anomaly detection

Hyewon Suk, Junwon Jang and Minsuk Kim.


[Poster] Consistent Management Method on Shared Object Manipulation in Mixed Reality

Jun Lee and Hyun Kwon.


[Poster] XR-based Spatial Multi-Presence System for Remote Collaboration

Jun Lee and Hyun Kwon.