August 11-13, 2021
Maison Glad, Jeju, Korea

Best Paper Award

* Best Papers

1. LOM: Lightweight classifier for obfuscation methods

Jeong-Woo Kim (Chungnam National University), Seoyeon Kang (Chungnam National University), Eun-Sun Cho (Chungnam National University) and

Joon-Young Paik (Tiangong University)


2. Echo-Guard : Acoustic-based Anomaly Detection System for Smart Manufacturing Environments

Chang-Bae Seo (Hanyang University), Gyuseop Lee (Hanyang University), Yeonjoon Lee (Hanyang University) and Seung-Hyeon Seo (Hanyang University)


3. A General Framework for Matching Pattern Hiding in Deep Packet Inspection

Jinghang Wen (Jinan University), Jianan Liu (Jinan University), Jian Weng (Jinan University), Jiasi Weng (Jinan University) and Axin Wu (Jinan University)



* Best Poster

A Study on Author Profiling based on Text Mining for Effective Forensic Investigation

Minho Kim (Catholic University of Pusan), Pyo-Gil Hong (Catholic University of Pusan) and Dohyun Kim (Catholic University of Pusan)