August 24-26, 2022
MAISON GLAD, Jeju Island, Korea



[Poster] Privacy-Preserving Network Monitoring for Blockchain

Mintae Kim, Hocheol Nam, Hobin Kim, Wonhoi Kim, Jaehyun Ha and Min Suk Kang (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)


[Poster] A Qualitative Comparison of Rust-Based SGX Frameworks

Heekyung Shin, Jiwon Ock, Hyeon No, Jiwoo Kang and Seongmin Kim (Sungshin Women’s University)


[Poster] SEEM: A Method for Training Sequentially Enhanced Ensemble Models for Intrusion Detection

Yuna Han and Hangbae Chang (Chung-Ang University)


[Poster] Decentralized fair data trading with random arbitrator node

Mi Hyeon Jeon and Sang Uk Shin (Pukyong National University)


[Poster] Analysis of Security Cost for Adapting Industrial Technology Leakage Prevention Solutions

Yeseul Kil, Eunyoung Lee and Ilgu Lee (Sungshin Women's University)


[Poster] MUD for Infusion Pumps: An Attempt to Reduce Network-based Attacks

Daniel Gerbi Duguma(Soonchunhyang University), Gunwoo Kim, Bonam Kim and Ilsun You (Kookmin University)


[Poster] Revision of the National Advanced Strategic Industries Law through Isomorphism Theory

Jeon Gahye, Shin Nayeon, Kim Minjeong and Lee Ilgu (Sungshin Women’s University)


[Poster] A Study on Detecting Peel Chain Transactions Based on Heuristic

Keun-Woo Bae, Yong-hee Shin, Dae-il Jang and Seung-goo Ji (Korea Internet & Security Agency)


[Poster] Attention Based Embedding Neural Network for Reverse Engineering

Sami Ullah, Wenhui Jin, Ye Eun Kim, Yuguang Jin and Heekuck Oh (Hanyang University)


[Poster] Cryptocurrency Investigation Design for Tracking Industrial Leakage by Ransomware on Darknet

Youngjae Kong and Hangbae Chang (Chung-Ang University)


[Poster] Adaptive Cryptography for Lightweight and Low-cost IoT Devices

Yu-ran Jeon, Jung-Hwa Ryu, Jung-Hyun Moon, Ye-Sol Oh and Il-Gu Lee (Sungshin Women’s University)


[Poster] RF Fingerprinting Method for Passive Key Entry System Authentication using MFCC features

Hyeon Park, Soohyun Kim, Jaeyong Lee, Kyungho Park and Taeguen Kim (SoonChunHyang University)


[Poster] Efficient parallel implementation methods of LSH-512 utilizing SIMD AVX-512

HoJin Choi and Seogchung Seo (Kookmin University)


[Poster] Network Traffic Aware Memory Attestation for Low Power Internet of Things

Na-Eun Park, Tae-Rim Park, Hye-Yeon Shim, Yeon-Ji Lee and Il-Gu Lee (Sungshin Women’s University)


[Poster] Whitelist Security Application and Analysis in Healthcare Systems

Binna Kim and Sangji Park (Kangwon National University)


[Poster] On the Claims of Weak Block Synchronization in Bitcoin

Seungjin Baek, Hocheol Nam, Yongwoo Oh (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Muoi Tran (National University of Singapore) and Min Suk Kang (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)


[Poster] Exploring FaaS platforms' charging method from the perspective of Kubernetes HPA to avoid burst attacks

Sara Hong, Yeeun Kim and Seongmin Kim (Sungshin Women’s University)


[Poster] Design of KEM-DEM on 6G Telecommunication for Quantum Computer

Seyoon Lee, Taewan Kim, Changuk Jang and Okyeon Yi (Kookmin University)


[Poster] Metamorphic Testing on NIST LWC Finalists

Yongryeol Choi, Young Beom Kim and Seog Chung Seo (Kookmin University)


[Poster] Decentralized SSO Authentication System with Identity Provider

Etienne Igugu Tshisekedi, Cho Nwe Zin Latt, Mariz Aguilar and Kyung-Hyune Rhee

(Pukyong National University)


[Poster] Performance evaluation of SMC in Fully Decentralized Network

Soyoung Joo and Il-Gu Lee (Sungshin Women’s University)


[Poster] An Analysis on the Feasibility of Cost-Effective Sandbox Using Open Source Intrusion Detection System

So-Yeon Kim, Jin-Min Lee, So-Hui Kim and Il-Gu Lee (Sungshin Women’s University)


[Poster] Deep learning-based Profiled Side-Channel Analysis Using Unsupervised Domain Adaptation on Different-Device

Jieun Woo and Dong-Guk Han (Kookmin University)


[Poster] Differential Fault Attack on AES using Three-byte Fault Ciphertext

Jae-Won Huh and Dong-Guk Han (Kookmin University)


[Poster] Transformer-based network Intrusion Detection

Inseo Park (Kangwon National University)


[Poster] A Study on the Improvement of OCR Performance for the Detection of Personal Information in Images

Chanyoung Kwon, Yeongdon Kim and Binna Kim (Kangwon National University)


[Poster] BPFenforcer: An eBPF based Security Policy Enforcement System for Containerized Environment

Songi Gwak, Thien-Phuc Doan and Souhwan Jung (Soongsil University)


[Poster] Study of Intelligent Cyber Range Simulation using Reinforcement Learning

Junghyun Kim, Bumsok Kim and Min-Suk Kim (Sangmyung University)


[Poster] Study of Technology for Anomaly Detection in Secure Edge System via Video Surveillance

Jae-Hyeok Jeong and Min-Suk Kim (Sangmyung University)


[Poster] Performance evaluation of open source-based intrusion detection for advanced cyberattacks jointly utilizing ransomware and trojans

Yurim Lee, Soeun Jeon, Sunjin Lee and Ilgu Lee (Sungshin Women’s University)


[Poster] A Study on TTP analysis method of similar attack groups using MITRE ATT&CK framework

Chan-Woong Hwang and Woong Go (Korea Internet & Security Agency)


[Poster] MFT : Metamorphic Fuzz Testing for Efficient Correctness Validation of Cryptographic Implementations

HyungJoon Yoon, YoungBeom Kim, Yongryeol Choi and Seog Chung Seo (Kookmin University)


[Poster] Efficient Remote Identification for Drone Swarms

Jun-Woo Kwon, Kang-Moon Seo, Soojin Lee, Jane Kim and Seung-Hyun Seo (Hanyang University)


[Poster] Automotive Cyber Security for Data Storage of Autonomous Vehicles

Insup Kim, Ganggyu Lee (Samsung Electronics) and Wonsuk Choi (Hansung University)


[Poster] On Privacy Risks of Watching YouTube over Cellular Networks with Carrier Aggregation

Nitya Lakshmanan, Abdelhak Bentaleb (National University of Singapore), Byoungjun Choi, Roger Zimmermann (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Jun Han (Yonsei University) and Min Suk Kang (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)


[Poster] A Blockchain-based Dataset Distribution Protocol for a Trustworthy AI Collaboration Framework

Siwan Noh, Sung-Won Kang, Zhuohao Qian and Kyung-Hyune Rhee (Pukyong National University)


[Poster] Exploratory research on digital forensic laboratory tools and equipment: Focused on focus group interviews

Su-Min Shin, Hyeon-Min Park and Gi-Bum Kim (Sungkyunkwan University)


[Poster] Deep learning based Scheme for Developing Secure Systems in CCTV using Anomaly detection

Hyewon Suk, Junwon Jang and Minsuk Kim (Sangmyung University)


[Poster] Consistent Management Method on Shared Object Manipulation in Mixed Reality

Jun Lee (Hoseo University) and Hyun Kwon (Korea Military Academy)


[Poster] XR-based Spatial Multi-Presence System for Remote Collaboration

Jun Lee (Hoseo University) and Hyun Kwon (Korea Military Academy)