August 23-25, 2023
MAISON GLAD, Jeju Island, Korea

Main Program


[DAY1] August 23 (Wednsday), 2023

Time Crystal Hall
13:00 - 13:30 Registration/Opening Remarks
13:30 - 14:10 Invited Talk 1:
5G-AKA and EAP-AKA’ from Cryptographic Perspectives
Seonghan Shin (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
14:10 - 14:30 Coffee Break
14:30 - 16:10 Session 1: Cryptography
16:10 - 16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 - 18:10 Session 2: Network & Application Security


[DAY2] August 24 (Thursday), 2023

Time Crystal Hall Jade Hall
09:30 - 10:20 Keynote 1: Leaking AI: On Side-Channel Vulnerabilities (and more) on EdgeML Devices 
Bhasin Shivam (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
10:20 - 10:40 Coffee Break
10:40 - 12:20 Session 3: Privacy & Management Session 4: Attacks & Defenses
12:20 - 13:40 Lunch Break
13:40 - 14:30 Keynote 2: Post-Quantum Cryptography: Now and Onwards
Bo-Yin Yang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
14:30 - 15:00 Coffee Break
15:00 - 16:30

KIISC Board Meeting, Social Networking

Poster Session 1
In front of Jade Hall
16:30 - 18:00 Poster Session 2
In front of Jade Hall
18:00 - 18:30 Break Time
18:30 - end Banquet (Convention Hall, 1F)


[DAY 3] August 25 (Friday), 2023

Time Crystal Hall Jade Hall
09:30 - 11:50 Session 5: Hardware & Software Security Session 6: Post-Quantum Cryptography & Quantum Cryptanalysis
11:50 - 13:00 Lunch




Paper Sessions

Day 1: August 23 (Wednesday), 2023

Session 1: Cryptography

A New Higher Order Differential of LCB

Naoki Shibayama and Yasutaka Igarashi (Tokyo University of Science)

Bloomier filters on 3-hypergraphs

Hyungrok Jo and Junji Shikata (Yokohama National University)

Principal Component Analysis over the Boolean Circuit within TFHE Scheme

Hyun Jung Doh, Joon Soo Yoo, Mi Yeon Hong, Kang Hoon Lee, Tae Min Ahn and Ji Won Yoon (Korea University)

A security analysis on MQ-Sign

Yasuhiko Ikematsu (Kyushu University), Hyungrok Jo (Yokohama National University) and Takanori Yasuda (Okayama University of Science)


Session 2: Network and Application Security

Research on Security Threats Using VPN in Zero Trust Environments

Eunyoung Kim (National Security Research Institute) and Kiwook Sohn (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)

A Blockchain-based Mobile Crowdsensing and Its Incentive Mechanism

Zhang Yan, Bai Yuhao, Lee Soojin (Hanyang University), Li Ming (Henan Normal University) and Seo Seung-Hyun (Hanyang University)

A New Frontier in Digital Security: Verification for NFT Image using Deep Learning-based ConvNeXt Model in Quantum Blockchain

Aji Teguh Prihatno, Naufal Suryanto, Harashta Tatimma Larasati, Yustus Eko, Thi-Thu-Huong Le and Howon Kim (Pusan National University)

AE-LSTM based anomaly detection system for communication over DNP 3.0

Il Hwan Ji, Seungho Jeon and Jung Taek Seo (Gachon University)


Day 2: August 24 (Thursday), 2023

Session 3: Privacy & Management

Systematic Evaluation of Robustness Against Model Inversion Attacks on Split Learning

Hyunsik Na, Yoonju Oh, Wonho Lee and Daeseon Choi (Soongsil University)

Vulnerability Assessment Framework Based on In-the-Wild Exploitability for Prioritizing Patch Application

Seong-Su Yoon, Do-Yeon Kim, Ga-Gyeong Kim and Ieck-Chae Euom (Chonnam National University)

Patchman: Firmware Update Delivery Service Over the Blockchain for IoT Environment

Yustus Eko Oktian, Uk Jo, Simon Oh, Hanho Jeong, Jaehyun Kim, Thi-Thu-Huong Le and Howon Kim (Pusan National University)

Security Risk Indicator for Open Source Software to Measure Software Development Status

Hiroki Kuzuno (Kobe University), Tomohiko Yano (SECOM Co., Ltd.), Kazuki Omo (SIOS Technology, Inc.), Jeroen van der Ham (University of Twente) and Toshihiro Yamauchi (Okayama University)

Session 4: Attacks & Defenses

Defending AirType against Inference Attacks using 3D In-Air Keyboard Layouts: Design and Evaluation

Hattan Althebeiti, Ran Gedawy, Ahod Alghuried (University of Central Florida), Daehun Nyang (Ewha Womans University) and David Mohaisen (University of Central Florida)

Robust Training for Deepfake Detection Models Against Disruption-Induced Data Poisoning

Jaewoo Park, Hong Eun Ahn, Leo Hyun Park and Taekyoung Kwon (Yonsei University)

Multi-class Malware Detection via Deep Graph Convolutional Networks using TF-IDF-based Attributed Call Graphs

Irshad Khan and Young-Woo Kwon (Kyungpook National University)

OCR meets the Dark Web: Identifying the Content Type Regarding Illegal and Cybercrime

Donghyun Kim, Seungho Jeon (Gachon University), Jiho Shin (Korean National Police University) and Jung Taek Seo (Gachon University)


Day 3: August 25 (Friday), 2023

Session 5: Hardware & Software Security

Protecting Kernel Code Integrity with PMP on RISC-V

Seon Ha and Hyungon Moon (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)

Exploiting Memory Page Management in KSM for Remote Memory Deduplication Attack

Seungyeon Bae, Taehun Kim, Woomin Lee and Youngjoo Shin (Korea University)

Mutation Methods for Structured Input to Enhance Path Coverage of Fuzzers

Yonggon Park, Youngjoo Ko and Jong Kim (Pohang University of Science and Technology)

Improved Differential-Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced Rounds of ChaCha

Ryo Watanabe, Nasratullah Ghafoori and Atsuko Miyaji (Osaka University)

SP-Fuzz: Fuzzing soft PLC with semi-automated harness synthesis

Seungho Jeon and Jung Taek Seo (Gachon University)

Session 6: Post-Quantum Cryptography & Quantum Cryptanalysis

Quantum Circuit Designs of Point Doubling Operation for Binary Elliptic Curves

Harashta Tatimma Larasati and Howon Kim (Pusan National University)

PQ-DPoL: An Efficient Post-Quantum Blockchain Consensus Algorithm

Wonwoong Kim, Yeajun Kang, HyunJi Kim, Kyoungbae Jang and Hwajeong Seo (Hansung University)

Efficient Implementation of the Classic McEliece on ARMv8 processors

Minjoo Sim, Hyeokdong Kwon, Siwoo Eum, Gyeongju Song, Minwoo Lee and Hwajeong Seo (Hansung University)

Evaluating KpqC Algorithm Submissions: A Balanced and Clean Benchmarking Approach

Hyeokdong Kwon, Gyeongju Song, Minjoo Sim, Minwoo Lee and Hwajeong Seo (Hansung University)

Depth-Optimized Implementation of ASCON Quantum Circuit

Yujin Oh, Kyungbae Jang (Hansung University), Anubhab Baksi (Nanyang Technological University) and Hwajeong Seo (Hansung University)