August 23-25, 2023
MAISON GLAD, Jeju Island, Korea


Jeju City Tour

join us on a tour of some of the Jeju beautiful natural sights. Enjoy breath-taking views at Jeju Jeolmul Natural Recreational Forest, take in the atmosphere in Gotjawal Forest Train Tour, take a stroll through the Jeju Folklore and Natural History Museum, Haenyeo Museum to see the unique Jeju island's nature and culture.

Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum

• Jeju Folklore & Natural History Museum currently has on exhibition folklore remains and natural historical materials of Jeju-do that were excavated in Jeju-do and displayed in 1984.
The museum is divided into 4 exhibition halls: the Natural History Hall, the Folklore Exhibition HallⅠ, the Folklore Exhibition HallⅡ, and the Outdoor Exhibition.

Jeju Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest

• Jeju Jeolmul Natural Recreation Forest is located northeast of Hallasan Mountain on Jeju Island. Jeolmul Oreum, the park's main mountain, is famous for its beautiful Japanese cedar forest. Jeolmul Oreum is about 697m high and created by volcanic activity. The peak boasts amazing views. On clear days, it is even possible to see all the way to Seongsan Ilchubong on the east coast of the island.
The recreation forest features a promenade, pond, observatory, and grass square. There are forest cabins available for lodging. Reservations can be made online.

Eco Land Theme Park

• Eco Land Theme Park is built in the 1km² Gotjawal primeval forest. Visitors can explore around in a train that looks like 1800s’ steam powered Baldwin train. The five Baldwin train look-alike operated in the park were specially ordered and manually manufactured in UK. In the large Gotjawal forest with railway trails, visitors can see a variety of plants, animals, and insects living in the mysterious Gotjawal forests, while touring around by the special train. It also has a lake for visitors to experience the ecosystem of the forest, take a walk, and enjoy picnic. Besides, there are many things to enjoy including Eco Bridge, Hovercraft, Eco Windmill, Picnic Garden, Kid’s Town, Eco Road, Bare Foot on Scoria, Floating Café, and topiary art works.


Haenyeo Museum

• Haenyeo refers to female divers who dive into the ocean water to gather various shellfish, seaweed, etc, without using any underwater diving equipment. When diving underwater, a haenyeo carries only a pair of goggles, a round ball-like tube to keep her balance, and a basket to put her collections in. Such women involved in the fishing industry are known to be scattered all around Jeju-do, Korea, Japan, and Russia.